Welcome to GlassLogic – DFW Windshield Specialists! 

When you need rock chip repair, you want someone you can trust to work on your vehicle. Above all windshields are our specialty. In fact, it is all that we do regarding auto glass. Our knowledge, training, and unique factory seal process guarantee excellence. 

Expert Windshield Services in dallas

Windshield Repair and Replacement Qualifications

Every windshield professional we have is trained and certified to provide you with high quality repairs. We have been doing windshield replacements and windshield repairs in Dallas, Texas for over 21 years. 

Windshield Replacement Safety Facts

GlassLogic has your safety in mind when installing windshields.

Our replacement process ensures a factory seal or better. We use better procedures and premium products that put our competitors to shame. 


Our Windshield Installation Safety Process

GlassLogic exclusively uses the DuPont BetaSeal Xpress30 Urethane system in every install. In addition our product provides a 30 minute minimum safe-to-drive time.  Most competitors use a product that cures in 5 or more hours. If you’re left with tape on your windshield, and told to take it off the next day, it is NOT safe to drive. 

Windshield Installation and Safety Regulations vary from State to State. Texas, unfortunately, does not have the proper legislation in place for safe and proper installations.

What does this mean for you?

Anybody that thinks they can install Glass, is able to do so….but at what cost?

We don’t THINK we can safely install Windshields, we KNOW we can. 

GlassLogic aims to abide by the highest standards possible. We ensure every install is completed by the ANSI/AGRSS/AGSC standards.  Our certified trained technicians install your glass correctly. Above all, leaving you worry free.

It is because we stick to these standards that we not only give you the comfort of proper installation, but the ease of safety as well. 


The successful installation of a windshield relies on a few conditions, here are ours:

  1. The Right Parts – A check of every part for defects before we even leave the warehouse.  A check for any needed accessories and trim, and check of every part for accuracy before we begin work on your vehicle.
  2. Windshield Preset – A test the fit of every windshield we install. This ensures a proper alignment of glass and trim pieces.
  3. Proper Cleaning – Our processes provide a factory seal, and safe installation through extensive cleaning of the installation area and new windshield. 
  4. Priming Glass in accordance with our Urethane System – We follow the guidelines from our Urethane Manufacturer for a 30 minute MDAT (Minimum Drive Away Time).  This ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive quickly, and you can drive away with confidence. 
  5. Installing Factory Solutions –  Many modern vehicles have what is known as “Foam Dam”.   This product serves 2 purposes, to prevent visible Urethane within the cabin, and prevent “over decking” so the glass does not sit too low against the frame.   We will replace this product, if needed, to provide a proper safe factory installation and aesthetic. 

My own personal auto glass repair qualifications include the following:

  • 21+ years’ experience
  • Fully insured and approved by all major auto glass insurance networks
  • Nationally certified repair technician (NWRA), Certified Compliant and Proficient
  • National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) member
  • Global Glass Conservation Alliance (GGCA) member

In conclusion, I stand behind my work. If there is ever a warranty issue with your windshield, you can be sure I will honor my guarantee.


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