They Broke My Windshield Scam

I stopped at a gas station and was approached by a blue uniformed man who say he would wash my windshield for free. being a dumb teenager I said sure, what's the worst that could happen.When I came out the gas station


Refuse Scam, Get Scammed Anyways!

by Steven (San Diego)I was fed the same scam story by a gentlemen at a gas station, only I really didn't want a repair. The only few cracks on my windshield had been there for years and were not going to get worse.

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More About Auto Windshield Repair

Auto windshield repair is the process of fixing rock chips and minor cracks in windshields.But lately, many companies who replace windshields have started calling their services windshield repair seemingly in an effort to confuse

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Auto Windshield Repair Scams

I recently read a blog post about someone who got a bullseye from a rock flying up off the road. The person decided to try a Do-It-Yourself kit, but then chickened out.Instead, he called a nationally known auto glass company to come and fix his windshield. I guess he was nervous about them, which is why he posted to this forum looking for feedback.I hear that a lot, but that is not what prompted me to write this article. What struck me was one of the other comments

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