More About Auto Windshield Repair

How are windshields repaired? Why is windshield repair considered a green industry?

Auto windshield repair is the process of fixing rock chips and minor cracks in windshields.

But lately, many companies who replace windshields have started calling their services windshield repair seemingly in an effort to confuse potential customers.

Replacing the windshield is NOT windshield repair.

This article explains how windshields are repaired and the advantages of auto windshield repair including environmental benefits.

How Windshields are Repaired

Windshields are made of laminated glass, which is basically two sheets of glass pressed together with a plastic filling in between. Breaks in the top layer of glass (such as a rock chip or crack) allow an air pocket to form in between the surface glass and the laminate. This causes a weak area in the windshield.

Auto windshield repair technicians fix the damaged area of the glass by injecting resin into it, then allowing the resin to cure. This process removes the air pocket and bonds the glass and laminate together. If done properly, the repaired area is stronger than the original auto glass.

Repair usually improves the appearance of the break, but the purpose of repair is to restore the structural integrity of the windshield so it remains intact during an accident.

Not only is it part of the support structure of the vehicle, but the windshield is necessary for airbags to deploy properly. This is one good reason not to break the factory seal unless it is absolutely necessary.

Why Choose Repair?

You can’t always avoid getting a chipped windshield , but you can avoid costly replacement in many cases. It is a good idea to choose repair whenever possible for the following reasons:

  • Save money. Windshield repair costs much less than having new auto glass installed, or may even cost you nothing if you use your comprehensive auto insurance.
  • Save time. Most repairs are completed in 10-15 minutes and you can drive your car as soon as the repair is finished.
  • Preserve the factory seal. This prevents leaking problems from occurring. Leaking is a major complaint of people who have their windshields replaced. Of more concern, improperly installed windshields may pop out during an accident.
  • Keep 25 pounds of glass out of a landfill. Laminated windshield glass is not recyclable.


Thinking about trying Do-it-Yourself Windshield Repair? Read this article first!

If you get a rock chip, get it fixed right away by a professional so it does not crack further. Road vibrations, summer heat, winter cold, and air pressure changes can make your windshield crack in minutes.

Don’t fall for a replacement scam, only opt for new auto glass when your windshield is not repairable. If you need you windshield replaced, look for a company that employs NGA certified technicians and has been in business long enough to be established. Search for customer reviews on the company…a quick check can tell you if the company has received complaints about improperly installed windshields.

Windshield Repair is a Green Industry

In existence since the 1970s, windshield repair is one of the first green industries. [1]

Did you know that 275 million pounds of auto glass are dumped into our landfills every year? Many of those windshields could have easily been repaired, but instead, they were scrapped. Every windshield saved eliminates approximately 25 pounds of glass in a landfill. [2]

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