Is the Rock Chip in my Windshield Repairable?

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Is The Rock Chip On My Windshield Repairable?

When you get a rock chip on your windshield, you need to figure out if the break is repairable or not. That way when you call an auto glass shop you know which service to ask for. You can save a lot of money by getting the windshield repaired instead of replaced. Don’t trust just anyone you call on google to repair your windshield. We have been in business over 21 years and are the BEST windshield repair company in Dallas, Texas.

Can It Be Fixed?

The first step in figuring out if a rock chip can be repaired is to use a dry cloth and lightly rub the area to see if the rock chip comes off! Believe it or not, we get called out to fix ‘rock chips’ that are nothing more than dirt stuck to the windshield. To avoid a service call, check that the glass is actually cracked.

Next, look at the size including the cracks that extend from the impact point. Is the break the size of a dime, nickel, or quarter? If so, it can be repaired. In other words, if it’s a small break with cracks extending from it and the whole thing is less than 1.25 inches, it IS repairable.

Large bullseyes (larger than a 50-cent piece) are not repairable. If the break is the right size but the glass is completely crushed in the center, it is not repairable. This often happens when large hail causes windshield damage. There is no way to put the crushed glass back together.

Can an Old Windshield Repair be Fixed Again?

Often we are asked to repair rock chips that have already been repaired. Unfortunately, bullseyes and cracks that have already been injected with resin cannot be repaired again. We have been successful in fixing old repairs in a few instances but cannot guarantee it. There is always the risk that the entire repair will fail.

If the old repair has a new crack is coming out of it, we can drill into the new crack and fill it. If this happens, call us at 972-983-8571 right away before the crack spreads across the windshield.

If you are unhappy with the previous repair because it doesn’t look very good, you are better off leaving it alone. For your safety, if the bad repair distracts you while driving, you should get a new windshield.

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