Refuse Scam, Get Scammed Anyways!

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by Steven
(San Diego)

I was fed the same scam story by a gentlemen at a gas station, only I really didn’t want a repair. The only few cracks on my windshield had been there for years and were not going to get worse anytime soon. This man is washing my windshield as he gives me his speech. I apologize, refuse, and say thanks for the free wash.

Later on in the day, I realize there is a new crack I had never seen before.

The next day, the crack grows larger, indicating it is a brand new crack. Sure enough, there was a fine point in the middle of the crack that looks like a pick hit it.

There’s no way of proving it, but I am SURE this man chipped my window with the intent of me either purchasing a repair, or a brand new windshield. I am furious, because what is the point of being able to spot and avoid a con if you end up having to spend needless money anyways.

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Refuse Scam, Get Scammed Anyway

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Mar 06, 2011avoid it
by: matt
windshield stalkers were just freelance agent of an existing auto glass merchant. they go around and scout for some prospect and lead them into their main business address. not bad if they carry a company name, otherwise be weary of those who will do nasty things over your property just to secure a sale of their products and services.

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