They Broke My Windshield Scam

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by Anonymous

I stopped at a gas station and was approached by a blue uniformed man who say he would wash my windshield for free. being a dumb teenager I said sure, what’s the worst that could happen. I came out the gas station after my purchase to find that he had “found” a nasty chip in my windshield and and his coworker had found a chip in the other customers windshield. He said that he would fix it for free. THAT CRACK WAS NOT THERE BEFORE HE WASHED MY WINDSHIELD. Don’t trust strange men near your car.

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They Broke My Windshield Scam

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Sep 28, 2011Chip Was Note There
by: Anonymous

This happended to me at the same Valero Gas Station yesterday (9/27/11). I am calling the police.

Sep 22, 2011Never Trust a Stranger
by: Amanda, Bullseye Auto Glass
We know in this economy things are tough all over. Unfortunately, people think they are getting ahead by scamming others. Best thing to do is report this to the police, so they have record of it. Than, contact your insurance company. If your glass is chipped you will want to get that repaired before it starts to spread. As always be aware of your surroundings, seems these crooks seem to be targeting young people, but, you never know when it can happen to any of us.

Sep 10, 2011How to tell if someone soliciting windshield repair is legit
by: Mark @ GlassLogic
Thanks for your comments, Matt. I hand out business cards in parking lots, too. This is an acceptable way to solicit business. However, the situations my readers describe are people who touch (and most likely damage) the windshield before talking to them about a windshield replacement.
Here are some things to look out for when deciding if the person soliciting windshield work is legit:1. Does the person have professionally printed business cards with a local phone number? If so, call the number and check it out. Most scammers will not give out phone numbers, receipts, or business cards with any identifying information.2. Does the person try to touch your vehicle before or while they are offering their services? Scammers will often wash your windshield while they are talking to you so you don’t notice them causing damage.3. Are they aggressive? Do you feel bullied into accepting their offer? If so, walk away!I’m afraid because of the current economy, the scam situation will get worse before it gets better. That’s why I advise anyone who thinks someone has damaged their windshield then solicited them for a replacement to call the police.Legit companies should not use these types of tactics to solicit business. It is unethical to touch someone’s vehicle without their permission or make people feel threatened into accepting services they do not want. But handing out business cards and talking to people about the benefits of windshield repair are perfectly acceptable.

Sep 10, 2011Choose Wisely
by: Matt Bailey
I have been in the auto glass industry for 10 years, and have owned a glass shop for 6 of those years.
One sales technique that we have consistently used is handing out our business cards everywhere we go (yes, this does include parking lots and gas stations!). If we see someone with damage to their windshield, we do politely inform them that we do auto glass for a living and can help them submit a claim. We DO NOT file fraudulent claims, only claims for legitimate damages. If a windshield can be repaired, we inform the customer of this option and let them make the choice. If someone does not want our services we thank them and leave them a business card.Our area has lately been swarmed by marketing companies with similar techniques, but awful service. They will file fraudulent claims in a heartbeat (oh your windshield is dirty? let?s replace it!), bully customers, and then leave them no contact information when it comes to their warranty.Since we use the same techniques, we felt there was a need to separate ourselves from these unscrupulous windshield stalkers. We joined the Better Business Bureau for accountability and implemented an ?Unbelievable Guarantee? which is now on the back of all of our cards.
So although I sympathize…please be aware that there are some great companies out there who use person-to-person, business-to-business advertising in a very effective, honest manner.Matt Bailey, CEO
SEH as Administrator: edited for length and to remove self-promotion. Thanks.

Jul 05, 2011Thanks for Sharing your Scam Story
by: Mark @ GlassLogic
Thank-you for sharing your story with my readers. This is a VERY common scam at gas stations and car washes.
You were wise to not allow them to fix your windshield. The only way to stop the scammers is to keep their game from being profitable.

Jul 04, 2011same thing happened to me!
by: Anonymous
At the side of a busy highway but in a small town Valero gas station (Auburn, CA). I KNEW my windshield did not have any cracks because I was contemplating replacing it after I surface scratched it accidently myself, but since it still looked fairly good and had no chips I decided not to. The station owner must have been in on the scam because I had given him $20 for gas but the pump turned off at $19.76 (later I saw my tank had not filled up) – to lure me back into the station to collect the change while the window washer must have put the chip in the windshield. Since I was in the middle of a long roadtrip I never would have taken the time to get it fixed then and there anyway, but it still seemed very fishy to me when he said he “found” a chip and wanted my insurance information……ugh!

Mar 22, 2011Call the Police
by: Sue from GlassLogic
If someone purposely damaged your vehicle, the best thing to do is call the police. Even if you don’t file charges, at least you are reporting these criminals to the authorities.
Another suggestion is to not allow them to fix the windshield they broke. You can usually get a rock chip fixed using your comprehensive insurance without paying the deductible, so any glass repair company that accepts insurance can do the same as what this guy promised. (I assume this is what he was referring to when he said he would fix the rock chip for free.)These criminals target vehicles that are new enough that they most likely have comprehensive insurance. And I hate to say it, they probably also targeted you because of your age.Anytime someone vandalizes your personal property, call the police.I’m really sorry this happened to you. Thanks for submitting your story so others can be aware of this scam.

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  1. Lora

    This same thing happened to me yesterday in a small town on Mo. I stopped to make an in store purchase and when I came out, a man was waiting for me by my car. He knew I was the owner and proceeded to run his finger over the “supposed” crack he had “found”. First, I was at this point already upset that he had inspected my car without my permission and second, I was a bit creeped out that he already knew I was the owner. I know there was no crack in my windshield prior to arriving there. I had just washed my windshield that morning while getting gas at a different gas station. I would have noticed it then. Also, it didn’t appear to be a crack caused by a rock as he suggested. It had a sharp point in the middle of it. I refused his offer to repair it at no cost to me and informed him I had full glass replacement through my auto insurance co. He asked who my insurance company was and I regrettably told him. He said that was perfect because they could bill my insurance co and I wouldn’t pay anything. After a high pressure sale, I once again refused his services and told him I would call my ins co instead. He told me they would be there until Thursday if I changed my mind. I called the sheriff dept and reported the issue. I feel as though my car was vandalized by this individual and even if nothing comes of it, at least it’s been reported and hopefully investigated.

    1. Sue

      Hi Lora:

      That is pretty creepy! He must sit there and watch people. He probably thought since you were a woman and alone you were an easy target. You did absolutely the right thing by not allowing him to repair the damage and calling the sheriff. I hope you were able to get the windshield fixed through your insurance without it costing you any money.

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