Last Updated October 7, 2012

Warranty for Repairs Paid by Insurance Claim

National Windshield Repair Association Certified Technician patchI guarantee the repaired area of your windshield will not crack further for as long as you own your car. In the unlikely event the repaired area does crack further during the warranty period, I will repair it free of charge. An inspection and the original receipt are required. Warranty issues must be reported within 24-hours or the warranty is void.

During the repair process, there is a rare chance that the windshield may crack further or completely crack out. If this occurs, GlassLogic is not liable for replacing the windshield.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee: If the repaired area does crack further within 90-days of the date of service and I am unable to fix the failed repair, I will refund the original cost of the failed repair, as stated on your receipt and minus any discounts applied to the invoice.

Warranty is non-transferable.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: I promise that the actual area I repaired will not crack further. Warranty is void if your windshield cracks out from new or additional damage, stress, automobile accidents,  abuse, cracks developing from an area that was not repaired (filled with resin), or repairs performed by you or another company.

Warranty does not apply to unrepairable rock chips or stop-crack procedures that are only done to temporarily stop the chip or crack from spreading. (A stop-crack is when the entire crack is not filled  with resin.) I always discuss warranty issues with this type of repair before performing the procedure.

If you have any questions about my warranty, please contact me.

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